Gathering in the tradition of Thích Nhât Hanh

Cultivating peace in ourselves and in the world by “dwelling happily in the present moment.”

Personal practice can take us only so far. We need sangha, a special kind of community that generates a collective energy that makes mindful living far easier. A sangha is a powerful force for transformation and healing.

Photography © Dzung Vo

The Plum Village tradition is named after the first practice center established by Zen master Thích Nhât Hanh. Moment-to-moment awareness of everyday activities, such as walking, eating, speaking and listening grounded in the ethic of the Five Mindfulness Trainings is a hallmark of this tradition.

Our Alliance

Sanghas in the Central Plains region of the United States have united to continue the Plum Village tradition here. We collaborate and share resources to offer practice opportunities for our area such as retreats and days of mindfulness, while maintaining our independent sanghas.

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